Girls Level 1 (grade 1 and up)
Classes designed for the beginning gymnast. The emphasis is on safety, strength, mastering the basics and finding out how much fun the sport can be. Classes are 1 hour 20 minutes.

Girls Level 2 (grade 1 and up)
Classes for the intermediate gymnast who can demonstrate proficiency in selected skills. We continue to emphasize strength and flexibility so the girls can safely learn more complex skills. Classes are 1 hour 20 minutes.

Girls Level 3+ (grade 2 and up)
Classes for the advanced level gymnast. We encourage the girls to attend two classes a week. Classes are 2 hours.

Boys Challenge Classes (grade 1 and up)
Gymnastics is fun, but so are games, challenges, contests, running, jumping, climbing…boys will get all that and more in our Challenge classes. Challenge (like the Windmill company in Batavia) classes are fitness classes designed to develop strength, flexibility, endurance, agility, balance, coordination (you get the idea). Will they learn gymnastics? YES! Will this class get them ready for ANY sport? YES again! Levels 1 and 2. Classes are 1 hour 20 minutes. Classes for Boys 10 and up are also available.

Tumbling (grade 3 and up)
Our co-ed tumbling classes go from the basics through advanced skills. Tumble trak and trampoline will be included along with drills using wedge mats, octagon shapes, skill cushions, and our 18’x20’ foam filled pit. Classes are 1 hour.

Homeschool (grade 1 and up)
Co-ed classes for Homeschoolers at a time when the gym is a little less busy. All the basics and fun of our regular program. Classes are 1 hour.

High School Workouts (High school age girls)
We offer a workout program for high school girls during their off season (March-October). Along with conditioning and flexibility, students will be coached on skills they will need for their high school routines. Workouts are 2 or 3 times a week, 3 hours.

Stretch Class (adults)
Too tight and sore from all your other activities? We offer a relaxed stretch class to help get you ready to move again. Classes are 45 minutes.